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NO, I DON'T HAVE THE COMMANCHE/HOKUM OR APACHE/HAVOC INSTRUCTION MANUALS ONLINE ! I get email requests for instructions all the time. I also see what people are searching for in regards to my page. If you want instructions, BUY THE GAME. If you copied the game from a friend or are using a warez copy, you're on your own, as far as I'm concerned. If your game didn't come with paper instructions, try browsing the disk...there should be a .PDF file with instructions...if not, I recommend emailing Razorworks. They should be able to provide you with a copy IF the game you paid for didn't come with instructions.

Purchased through Interact July 5th, 2000

Received and started playing this sim July 7th, 2000




I ditched my efforts of maintaining an update log here. Instead, I was recommended to use a Weblog. Using this weblog, I now keep all my tech updates there.

Visit my Tech Weblog here for updates on latest postings. (3/11/03)
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[Webmaster's Note:  While I want to promote EECH, I'm definitely not anything close to a helicopter pilot or technician.  While I do have military experience as a Air/Air Defense threat analyst and have written briefs based on NK helicopter capabilities, I'm in no way an expert in helicopter piloting.  I also want to convey what a great sim EECH is, but without the same verbiage as the manual or other pages.  It may take time as I learn the sim's strengths, weaknesses, and everything in-between.  What I learn in the future about EECH, I'll report on this page.  Also, do me a favor by critiquing the below, but in a non hostile manner.]

EECH is a helicopter sim constructed by Razorworks. EECH is a very realistic game with a great 3D engine and a very good dynamic campaign. Though the flight modeling is questionable to the extreme sim pilots (namely, real-world pilots), it satisfies the masses. EECH is also follow-up to Enemy Engaged: Apache Vs. Havoc, already a good game in it's own right. In fact, if you currently own EEAH and purchase EECH, you can install both games and play with all four helicopters!
EEAH's campaigns can also be utilized in EECH. This gives both sims HUGE value and also gives Razorworks a bit of prestige.

The sim models weather patterns in addition to dusk/dawn and night missions.  During night missions, the moon can even be seen.

The sim mainly models two outstanding helicopters: the RAH-66 Comanche and the KA-52 Hokum.  Below is a very brief description of both helis. Keep in mind that in the real world, the RAH-66 is still in prototype stages. My opinion is that Razorworks speculated much on the avionics and flight modeling, moreso than when simulating EECH's KA-52.

Now, let's take a jump into EECH's world: <WARP 9>

The RAH-66 is a platform that excels at conventional helicopter attack while adding the additional elements of radar reflection and internal weaponry.  It is also equipped with a rotor that is relatively low in acoustics, making the Comanche a very quiet helicopter.  Flight systems are fly-by-wire.  Sensory equipment is located in a rotor mast and also the nose of the aircraft, but is miniaturized in such a way as to take up only half the area as a similarly equipped Longbow Apache.  The Comanche will be operational within a decade and will eventually phase out the OH-58D Kiowa Warriors.

The KA-52 uses a side-by-side cockpit configuration along with a dual rotary system, which eliminates the tail rotor and makes it exceedingly sturdy, agile and less dependent on maintenance.  It uses a mast-mounted sensory package and also a sensory "ball" mounted on the roof of it's cockpit.  The KA-52, also known as the Alligator, also incorporates ejection seats for it's occupants, a first for helicopters.  While the equipped 30mm cannon is limited in movement, it has two ammo configurations:  240 rounds of AP and 230 rounds of HE incendiary.  The pilot selects which ammo is needed and can also select between 10- and 20-round burst lengths.

Both helicopters serve the same mission:  reconnaissance of the battlefield and coordination of strike missions.  Both use cutting-edge technology, with the Comanche using much electronic finesse and stealth.  The Alligator's strong suit is that it is extremely battle-hardy and can carry a heavier payload (in relation to the RAH-66).

Now, back to the "Real World." </WARP 9>

On this page, I'll include links to EECH sites and reviews. I'll also include screenshots of my prior games and even include the demo screenshots if any catch my eye.

I found the below from the newsgroup. Sean Tudor is the original poster.  I've got his go-ahead to post this.  He made an enormous effort to provide EECH users links to other sites.  I thanked him personally, as should you ALL!  :



Here is the latest version of the ever growing Enemy Engaged : Comanche vs. Hokum resource list.

Two new reviews in this update from Gamecenter and IGN. Razorworks has also stated that they have ceased updates on EECH for the time being as they are focusing on their next project.

Lastly, the Oct 2000 issue of Computer Gaming World magazine has given EECH a score of 5/5. It's great to see this simulation getting the accolades it deserves.

Online Reviews : - Russian - German - Combat Reporter Live! show - Czech,10867,2613064,00.html,6,0-4625,00.html?st.gc.fd.pc.i - NEW! - NEW!

EECH Websites : - Russian - Strategy Guide - French - EECH Forum - Gaming Effect

Official Websites :
- Experimental Patch v1.4.5X - 1.28 Megs
- Patch v1.4.1C - 3.9 Megs
- Demo - 84 Megs
- Strategy Guide
- Official Artwork
- Missing US manual text

Custom Missions : - 135Kb

EECH Utilities :

Flexman's Ground Support System - 2.23 Megs

EECH Virtual Squadrons : - Russian - Australian & New Zealand - US

Longbow Mailing List (including EECH)

Many thanks to CEP}I{AHT, Bob "De Janitor" Roberts, Halo, Migman,
David "Spawnbob" Renton, and Richard "Flexman" Hawley !


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